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How to Remove Hair from Baby Walker Wheels

Baby Walker provides safe entertainment for our babies to play & practice walking while giving us a break. While babies are playing on a baby walker, did you notice that the baby walker speed is getting slower & slower?

Remember the last time did you clean the wheels of your baby walker?

Most parents pay attention to the fabric only & forget to clean the wheels of the baby walker. As we all know, Hair is the arch-enemy of wheels. A pressed metal cap seals off almost every baby walker’s wheels & no matter how many times you try it open it, it wouldn’t come off.

In case the hair is stuck inside of baby walkers wheels, don’t apply too much force to open the cap because it might crack or the entire plastic body of the wheel might break.

We know babies love to play with a baby walker. But what if hair gets stuck on the baby walker wheels? How to dissolve hair from wheels? As it poses a safety threat for our babies.

Rest Assured! This article will answer all of your questions & show you several methods for removing hair from baby walker wheels efficiently. Let’s Find out!

How to Remove Hair from Baby Walker Wheels

How to remove hair from baby walker wheels (Methods)

First thing first, turn your baby walker upside down & place it on the floor or a desk before attempting to remove hair from the wheels using any methods described here. You wouldn’t have to lie on the floor trying to remove hair from the inside of the wheels. This way, it’s going to get much easier for the hair removal process.

Open the Castors for Removing Hairs

A significant number of baby walkers come with removable castors. This makes cleaning the wheels less messy & much more manageable.

Procedure To remove the castors, use a regular screwdriver by placing it between the base of the castor & the wheel leg. Gently push it upwards; they will come right off. Some of those wheels are pretty easy to remove & can be done using only hands.

Tweezers & Clippers

These two instruments are usually available in every home. As all parents are familiar with these easy-to-access kitchen accessories, those two are handy for baby walker wheel removal.

Procedure – Stick the Clipper in the castor’s gap on both sides & shake it around to loosen the stuck hairs. Then, use tweezers to remove strands of the hair. In the meantime, try picking as many strands as possible. This process will prevent the hairs from breaking, allowing you to pull out more efficiently.

Using Duct tape

Like metal to a magnet, hair sticks to duct tape like a magnet, especially heavy-duty ones. It’s a surprising matter how much hair you can pull off from stuck baby walker wheels by wrapping duct tape around the wheel & plucking it off.

Procedure – Roll a section of the tape on the finger with the sticky area facing out. Place the tape on the shards of hair decisively & make sure to spread it over a more extensive section. Pull the tape smoothly, removing a group of hair. Repeat the process until you get it all out.

Lighter – Heat things up!

Baby Walker wheels are made from plastic, but the build material is reasonably resistant to heat & quite thick – something that can’t be said for human hairs. Be cautious when using this method because excessive heat might change the shape of the wheels.

Procedure – Using a heat gun is the best practice for removing stuck wheels’ hairs because it’s a strong heat emitter without producing flames. You could briefly hold the flame inside the wheels to burn the hairs. Try this method outside of the home & after burning the hair, use high-pressure water to spray the wheels for removing burnt hair & ashes.

Additional Methods

You can use a Nail cutter or Cutters Bottle Opener as those have pointed curves. Next, please insert it into the gap, catch the hair & pluck it off. To acquire more hairs, keep revolving & rotating the castor strategically using the other hand.

You can use a sharp knife, razor blade, or manicure scissors. It will cut the hair but might make things difficult. When hairs tangled like a closed loop & become stubborn, cut the hairs using a razor blade.

Recovery after Removing hairs

After using any method mentioned here, now it’s time to do some after-hair removal tasks so that the wheels rotate as smoothly & freely as they used to.

Using Soap & Water
In case your wheel’s castors come off, soak them in soap mixed water for about 10 minutes. Soaps are great for removing any extra debris that sounds difficult to reach with either duct tape or tweezers.

Use of Lubrication
There are metal parts available in the wheel’s caster. After cleaning the wheels, use lubricants on the metal sections & other moving parts to allow the wheels’ proper motion.

Recommendation – Spray some Wd-40 for lubrication. As you know, WD-40 isn’t a proper lubricant but a rust cleaner, but it’s a non-volatile oil that gives protection from moisture & better lubrication.

An alternative method for removing hair from wheels

In case you don’t like using your own hands or fear that wheels might break while removing hairs, there are other options available for you.

For instance, you can have a cleaning service do that work for you. But this kind of service is not cheap.

Another option is you can search for a baby walker wheel replacement. Usually, a set of 5 castors goes for $8. With care, it will last for years before thinking about buying another set.

Additional tips for maintaining Baby Walker Wheels

Baby Wheels last longer if parents take care or do periodical maintenance. It’s not that tough or doesn’t require hard work. Some helpful tips are –

  • Removing hairs from the wheels becomes more complicated when it remains wet. Before washing the castors, try to remove the hairs with any fluids of your choice.
  • Avoid using harmful chemicals, including harsh detergents, bleach, or toxic cleaning products that might give allergic reactions or leave a foul odor on the baby walker wheel.
  • Check all screws and fasteners on a periodical basis, especially when he/she is in the baby jumper. As they become loose over time, leading to the potential risk of injury for your baby. Simply tighten the loose screws if found.
  • While washing the baby walker fabric or cover into the washing machine, use lower tumble or dry spin settings and lower temperature to avoid potential damage. Check the Owner’s manual for an optimal setting.


How do you get the hair out of Walker Wheels?

Ans – To get the hair out of Walker wheels, there are several methods available. The popular way is using duct tape while burning the hair is also another way. But there are several consequences when using a lighter or wooden flame.

How do you get the hair out of toy rims?

Ans – I get the hair out of toy rims using a razor blade or sometimes using mixed soap water. If hairs are tangled on the wheels, I use scissors to cut those up.

How do you clean the wheels on a walker?

Ans – If those wheels are detachable, then it’s easy to clean using soap & water. In the attached wheels, then vacuum cleaner or simply using WD-40 spray & using a cotton fiber is enough for cleaning the wheels.

How do you wash a baby walker?

Ans – Nowadays, baby walkers can be tossed into the washing machine. I wash manually using water & soap for cleaning the dust & use lubrication sometimes on the moving joints.