About us

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At the beginning of my student life, I was concerned about the result and academic outcome more than the skills requirement.

But when I started my career as an affiliate marketer, I have seen that skills are more valuable than academic records. But it does not mean that anyone should be comfortable with poor academic performance

Like my thinking, academic performance states that how much you are concerned about your career and your pressure tolerance ability.

Hello, I am Nicula Rose, working as a freelance baby product expert. I am working for 5 years in this field.

In my 5 years in the pediatric field, both in foreign and local, I have earned significant achievements to entitle myself as a pediatric product expert, though I am accumulating knowledge yet.

I may not know everything related to the industry, but I am learning. I believe learning increases earning.

I believe that being responsible is the key to success.

I am an ardent promoter of sustainable development in the pediatric sector. For me, life without challenge is not worth living. Humility in success and courage in failure, for me, are essential qualities of a leader.