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The 5 baby gate for bottom of stairs with only one wall

Editor choice top 3 Baby Gate for bottom of stairs

Image Name Type Dimensions Price
Regalo Heritage Extra Wide Stairway Baby Safety Gate Walk Through with Mounting Kit 23.5″-42″ wide and 30″ tall. Check Price
Regalo Extra Wide Stairway Baby Safety Gate Walk Through and 2-in-1 Extra Wide 40.5″ x 1″ x 28.5″ Check Price
Regalo Easy Swing Stairway Baby Gate Hardware mount 40.5″ x 1″ x 36″ Check Price


A baby gate is the standard choice for a baby’s safety in your sweet home. It can prevent your baby from falling from the stair and make you relaxed all over the day. As a caring parent, we use a baby gate for the stairs.

We have a detailed idea about the baby gate, and today we will share the top five best freestanding baby gates. So, you can check out this review to find the Baby gate for the bottom of the stairs with only one wall.

What is the baby gate?

A baby gate is an excellent protective fence that prevents a child from going to such a place inside the home, which is risky for them. This place can be a staircase or a kitchen. Baby gates are usually made of metal but in many cases can also be made with wood or plastic.

Our Top Picks Based On User opinion

Best for extra wide spaces: Toddleroo by North States 72” wide Deluxe Décor Gate

Best for baby and pet: Cumbor 46” Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

Best used as a baby gate, barrier, or play yard: Toddleroo by North States Superyard 6 Panel Baby Play Yard/Barrier with Wall Mount Kit.

Best for easy sets up and multi-use: Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal Superyard.

Best use for any space: Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Wood Superyard

Top five best Baby gate for bottom of stairs with only one wall

We bought a baby gate for our baby’s safety when our first child came into the world and started to grow up a bit. So, we had to do a lot of research at that time, and we had got the best gate for the baby. We will tell you today about the best five baby gates, which we have seen then.

1) Little Chicks Waverley Mounted Gate

Little Chicks Waverely Configure-It Hardware Mounted Gate for Top & Bottom of Stairs

Little chick is an excellent baby gate that is designed for both the bottom and top of the stair. One of the unique advantages of this is that you can set it up straight, angled, or irregular. Do, note that, little chicks work mostly like a freestanding baby gate. It means you can customize this baby gate in any situation. And its doors are nicely designed to open from two sides.

Moreover, it is featured on an extra wider opening for an emergency. The dimension of the little chick gate is 79 x 1.5 x 29 inches and the weight is 19.91 pounds. It comes with good adaptability with a 33.5″ – 79″ opening.


We praise this baby gate for irregular stair opening. It would best for those who eagerly looking for a baby gate with multiple setting benefits.


  • Flexible set up configuration methods allow a user to set in a different position like straight or angled.
  • Adaptable hardware mounting system offers to open this door from 33.5-79 inches wider and 29″ higher.
  • Approved for both bottom and top stairs provide double in one benefit.
  • Door swing system from multiple directions when opening in different requirements.
  • The EZY Check Indicator will show a red-light button if in case the door will not lock.
  • This baby gate barrier is enough wider for a larger opening.
  • EZY indicator checker ensure the highest safety

  • It has no major inconvenience

2) Pressure Mounted Indoor Safety Gate

Walk Thru Baby Gates for Doorway and Stair, RONBEI Auto Close Pressure Mounted Wide Indoor Safety Gate for Opening 35''-37.8'' or 29.53''- 31.5'', Height 30", Ideal Barrier for Toddler and Small Dogs

Do you need the best smaller baby safety gate for indoor use? Pressure mounted safety gate is the well-known baby gate for banister to wall use, especially when you have no childproof room.

This banister-to-wall baby gate no drill is pressure mounted, so you don’t need to use a screw or drill inside the floor or wall. Also, this smaller baby gate is dazzling for automatic and multi-directional opening with a 90-degree angle.

It is 32 x 28.6 x 1.8 inches overall size and 11.92 pounds nit weight. The opening width is 29.53”- 32.28” or 35”-37.8” in size. And the built material is stainless-steel.


We suggest this smaller size protective barrier for a pet dog and a little toddler.


  • The easy pressure-assisted mounting system reduces the screwing hassle.
  • The automatic door closing system when you open it with a 90-degree angle.
  • RONBEI toddler gate provides easy access to a double lock system with one hand.
  • It is convenient to prevent your kids from accessing the kitchen and heavier inside furniture.
  • No drilling and no screwing system Protect your walls and floor from perforation.
  • The two-way opening design allows a parent for easy access.
  • Double lock system ensures more security for your kids.

  • It is not appropriate for the kids more than three years old.

3) Dreambaby Newport Adapta Baby Gate

Dreambaby Denver Adapta Baby Safety Gate (Mesh) Barrier for Stairs, Irregular Openings, and Wide Areas - Model L2060BB

Another fantastic baby gate is Dreambaby Newport Adapta which comes with a nice combination of safety and convenience. It is designed with hardware mounted to be stable much and used three-hinged panel for the right accommodation. So, you can mount it at a straight, angled, and irregular landing position.

Its wider opening provides your child safe when setting it up at the bottom and top stairs. Likewise, the one-handed operating system is quite good for parents when they are in a hurry. Dreambaby Newport has come with 31.8 x 26.3 x 3.8 inches and 19.96 pounds. Hence, the opening size is 33.5″ – 79″ with 29″ height.


We would love to prefer this baby gate for a hurry mom because it is best for easy opening, closing and access.


  • A versatile baby gate for top and bottom stairs with a wider space and varieties of shapes.
  • It is highly adaptable for the width of 33.5″ – 79″ offers a wide range of opening benefits.
  • It is featured on an easy one-handed opening for an emergency.
  • Approved for both top parts and bottom parts of the stair.
  • It is easy to set up and access as per your requirements.
  • Auto closing reduces the using hassle.

  • This baby gate is comparatively heavier than another baby gate.

4) Toddler hardware mount baby gate

Toddleroo by North States 47.85" wide Tall Easy Swing & Lock Gate: Ideal for standard stairways. Hardware mount. Fits openings 28.68" - 47.85" wide (36" Tall, Warm White)

North States Toddler is the best baby gate for difficult stairs. It is not only a good quality product but also luxurious to see with the white color finish. Also, the built material is durable steel. Luckily, you can use this gate in the walkways and stairways. As well as, there have a regular baby gate swing and double lock system.

The overall size of the Toddleroo baby gate is 37.4 x 29.2 x 2.7 inches, and the weight is 13 pounds. And it comes with sanctity of white color finish on the steel construction.

If you want to get a different taste among the quality and beauty, then you can consider this Toddler baby gate.


  • A long-lasting stainless steel baby gate with sturdy vertical bars which can prevent the kids from climbing
  • They are perfectly designed for preventing the threshold and tripping with its standard construction.
  • The elegant appearance of the white finish makes the whole home beautiful.
  • An effortless opening feature with only one hand.
  • One-way swing direction works for double safety.
  • It is extra taller of 36 inches to protect the taller baby.

  • It does not provide additional space in the bottom or top stair.

5) Regalo Easy Step baby gate

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Arched Décor Walk Thru Baby Gate, Includes 4-Inch Extension Kit, 4 Pack Pressure Mount Kit and 4 Pack Wall Mount Kit, Bronze

If you are looking for a budget-friendly baby, get then we would say about Regalo baby gate. Regalo is a much more affordable baby gate ever. It is designed uniquely with 36 inches height to protect both taller and shorter kids. Hence the opening width is EXTRA TALL: Stands 36-inches tall and expands to fit openings is 29-35 inches wider.

After then you must love its tools-free installation which also saves your floor and wall from drilling. This gate would be the best choice for doorway, hallways, and bottom stair use.

The complete size of Regalo is 35.5 x 1.5 x 36 inches, and it is super lightweight at 3.17 ounces.

We recommend this baby gate for those who need the best baby gate within a small budget.


  • Additional taller baby gate than another traditional baby gate ensures kids safety.
  • Looks extremely smart and luxurious because of the glossier bronze finish.
  • Looking smart because of the glossy bronze finish.
  • It is extremely affordable and the best in quality.
  • Regalo is a lightweight but sturdy inbuilt.

  • It has no specific cons till now.

Buying Guide that will help you to choose the baby gate for the bottom of stairs with only one wall

Gate length: Choose the baby gate length according to your stair width. You will get some gates with multiple adaptabilities for the angled, straight and irregular position. And some have come with a single position structure. There has a Multiple adapt position is providing the additional space inside the bottom and top stair.

Baby gate height: Get height is the best consideration for baby safety. Because a baby can fall from the shorter height as per their body height, likewise, a baby can climb on the gate if they get a longer height. As a result, there may happen an accident. The baby gate’s standard height is 29 inches, but you can pick up a gate with 36 inches in height.

Easy access: Easy access is most important for parents. Many times, a mom would need to open and close the gate with one hand. In this case, easy access to an able baby gate can help that mom. So, try to choose a one-handed gate opening. It will be too good if you can make a gate with an automatic closing system.

Installation: The pressure assistant installation is good for the bottom stair, and the hardware mounted installation is good for the top stair baby gate.

Locking system: Generally, the baby gate is designed with a safety lock system. If you want to keep your baby more secure, you have to choose a double locking system baby gate.


1) Do you need a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs?

Yes, it is essential to use a baby gate at the bottom of the stair. Although setting up a gate at the top is mandatory because a baby can easily fall from the top and get an accident. On the other hand, a baby can climb gradually from the less risky stair bottom. Yet, a good practice is to set up at the bottom.

2) What can I use instead of a baby gate?

A baby gate is best for baby’s protection, but you can use another gate
• Plexi-Glass
• Sliding Gate
• Plywood Gate
• Fabric Baby Gate
• Pallet Gate
• PVC Pipe Gate

3) Is pressure mounted baby gates safe for the top of stairs?

There have a lot of pressure mounted baby gates in the market for top stairs. But an expert said it is good to avoid the pressure mounted baby gate for the top stair. But you can use it for the bottom stair.

4) When can you remove baby gate stairs?

You can remove a baby gate stair when your baby reaches up to 2 years. Besides, you have to notice on the baby if their chin will reach over the gate and remove a baby gate.