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Best medela breast pump reviews

A breast pump is an amazing choice for a mom to extract milk for her loving baby. It would be a blessing to be away from a baby when you are busy and in a low milk supply condition.

Best medela breast pump reviews can help you to feel best comfortable breastfeeding. These brands are favorite to the regular lactating mom. Medela pump is lightweight, portable, and doctor recommended.

This guide will discuss the features and customer feedback of the medela breast pump. Also, you will get an extensive breast pump buying guide. So, why later? Let’s start.

Is it ok to pump and not breastfeed?

No, it is not ok. Breast pumping is comfortable and natural in breastfeeding. But you can only use it for an emergency need. On the other hand, breast pumping is a supernaturally good, gifted process. So, there is no best alternative to this amazing process.

Our top picks based on core features

Best for high performance – Medela New Pump in Style
Max flow technology, incredibly natural feeling, soft breast shields, Intuitive Control system.

Best for active mom- Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump
Portable, compacted, and lightweight, it comes with a rechargeable battery, double pumping mechanism.

Best for larger size- Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump
Larger size, advanced features, 2-phase expression technology, having a rechargeable battery.

Best for a complete package – Medela Freestyle larger size Breast Pump
It comes with a storage bag and needed accessories, convenient function, lightweight, and portable size.

Best for luxury- Medela Symphony Breast Pump
Efficient suction power, 2.5 inches touch screen display, 18% more milk extracting power.

Best for manual pumping- New Medela Harmony Breast Pump
Affordable, manual pumping, lightweight, portable, 2-phase expression technology.

Top 6 best medela breast pump reviews

We have done this review based on the customer’s user experience. Besides, our team has researched the brand value, product quality, and durability of each product. So, this is an exuberant guide for you.

1) Medela New Pump in Style

Let’s introduce you to a top-notch amazing medela electric breast pump. This pump gets popular because of its innovative features and advanced maxflow technology. It is said that medela new model is a hardworking pump for a hardworking mom.

Medela’s new style is designed for high performance and easy use features. Also, it is portable and incredibly comfortable to extract more milk. Most notably, medela has excellent control.

New style breast pump dimension is 13.39 x 6.3 x 9.06 inches. The material is various for different parts of this pump. And the weight is 5.5 pounds. You don’t require any battery to operate this.

Key Features:

  • Multi-user pump that has closed system to prevent the milk attach with pumping kit
  • It is motorized and ultra-effective to extract more milk with max flow technology.
  • It is most comfortable because of the oval-shaped soft rimmed breast shields.
  • The double pumping mechanism allows the moms to pump several times a day.

What customers are saying:
Customers are happy with this complete package with everything a lactating mom may require to breastfeed her child. Also, existing customers have praised the Intuitive Control system.

A very few customers have complained about the noise level of this breast pump, and some have felt problems without a user manual.

2) Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Medela freestyle flex breast pump is the most attractive portable device among all other medela breast pumps. It is mainly for those moms who love to be active anywhere and anytime. A rechargeable battery compacted size, and lightweight make this pump fantastic.

It is easily accessible because it has a lot of advanced features. And a mom can carry it into her vanity bag. Besides, it has a double pumping mechanism and a closed system for hygiene maintenance.

The dimension of freestyle flex is 13.43 x 7.05 x 9.45 inches, and the weight is 5.09 pounds. It has a combination of material, and you will require a lithium-ion battery.

Key Features:

  • Modern portable design to perform anywhere at your active life
  • The built-in battery system is convenient to use more than two hours
  • A closed system prevents the milk into the tube and motor
  • The rechargeable battery can make sure about pumping up to two hours
  • Double pumping technology is efficient to collect more milk

What customers are saying:
Active moms have praised this breast pump because of its lightweight and compact features. At the same time, they are pleased because this pump can extract 11.8 % more milk faster.

Few customers are bored with the backflow problem while operating this breast pump. They feel problems from entering milk into the tubing and pump part.

3) Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump

Are you looking for a larger size breast pump that is designed with more advanced features? Then let’s know about the medela sonata breast pump. It is the latest model of the medela brand. It is larger, a bit heavier in weight, and full of amazing features.

Sonata has come with some additional benefits, including regular features. It has a rechargeable battery, easy access functions, a touch screen, and breast shields. Moreover, a double pumping clogged milk protection system is also included with this device.

The overall measurement of the Sonata smart pump is 16.5 x 9 x 10.38 inches, and the weight is 8.1 pounds. Do note that several parts that come with this model are made of different materials. And it comes with a rechargeable battery.

Key Features:

  • Double electric technology allows pumping breast multiple time a day
  • It has come with 2-expression technology that works to derive double milk within less time
  • It has come with digital features MyMedela app for advanced solution
  • Sonata is noise-free that allow pumping anywhere without another hassle
  • It is most accessible due to having a rechargeable battery and touch screen display

What customers are saying:
The current customers of Sonata breast express their happiness because it has come with all required accessories of breast pumping. Also, this breast pump is getting loveable for quiet performance and comfort feelings.

The included rechargeable battery may not be so stable. We have heard this from some existing customers.

4) Medela Freestyle Flex larger size Breast Pump

If you are looking for a freestyle pump with a larger size, this medela breast pump would be superior. It is the latest edition of the medela brand with a storage bag and all other accessories. Overall, medela freestyle flex breast pump package is amazing for use at home and outdoors.

Due to having a storage bag, you can carry it anywhere. At the same time, it is quiet in performance and highly efficient.

The measurement is 17.5 x 9.5 x 7.24 inches, and the weight is incredibly lightweight of only one pound. Although this device needs a battery, you will get this from a manufacturing brand.

Key Features:

  • A complete solution for breast milk pumping with a storage bag
  • It is consistently lightweight, portable and quiet in performance
  • Secure milk extracting with a closed system that prevents milk from getting touch with tube
  • The time-saving 2-phase expression works great for maximum flow
  • A rechargeable battery system ensures your breast pumping when you are out.

What customers are saying:
The recent customers said about the good quality battery and convenient function. Due to its lightweight and portable size, it is loveable to many users.

There have been complaints from some moms that the suction capacity of this pump is low.

5) Medela Symphony Breast Pump

Medela Symphony breast pump is the most expensive model of the medela breast pump series. Not only in price, but it is also higher in quality, performance, and efficiency. Also, it is designed with some unique function that is unavailable to any regular breast pump.

This breast pump can extract 18% more milk within less time. At the same time, the closed system, single and double pumping, and unique overflow function provide a natural breastfeeding feeling.

The dimension of the symphony medela pump is 10.25 x 8.25 x 12.5 inches. And the weight is only ‎6.72 pounds. This efficient pump has a 2.5 inches LCD display and a display touch screen. Also, know that the material of this pump is plastic.

Key Features:

  • Medela symphony has 2-phase expression technology to extract 18% more milk
  • It can store all of the breast pumping information by computer chip programming
  • Easy returning function with a convenient letdown button
  • It is a hospital grade pump that has a protection system to prevent milk from entree into the tube

What customers are saying:
Existing customers have said about the efficient suction power. Besides, it gets popular for a soft and comfortable feeling.

Many customers have complained about the high price and customer service.

6) New Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

If you are looking for the most affordable breast pump, then this model can see medela harmony manual breast pump. However, it is a manual pump, so you will be required to operate with your hands. But this manual pump also works great for milk production. This amazing device is super convenient because of its smaller size and small weight.

Moreover, medela harmony has come with an oval shape that perfectly fit the soft rim. Most importantly, it is medically tested to produce more milk. Likewise, it is portable to carry anywhere.

The dimension is 6.56 x 2.76 x 7.87 inches, and the weight is 12.3 ounces. The built material of this breast pump is plastic.

Key Features:

  • Perfect size and lightweight are good for traveling and use at outdoor
  • It is convenient to use because of having a soft 105-degree angled rim and better fitting.
  • The two-phase technology provides the baby natural breastfeeding comfort
  • Easy to assemble, access and clean without the hassle

What customers are saying:
The happy customers have expressed their feelings for an affordable price, comfortable feeling, and easy accessibility. Also, current customers are pleased with the 2-phase express function and portable size.

What customers are saying:
The happy customers have expressed their feelings for an affordable price, comfortable feeling, and easy accessibility. Also, current customers are pleased with the 2-phase express function and portable size.

It needs to physically afford to pump breast because it has no electrical function.

What to consider when you go to buy a best breast pump

When you are thinking of using a breast pump, it is related to your baby’s health and comfort. So, you must consider some factors that can ensure both of your demands. So, here are some research-based factors.

Single versus double:
A double pump is good to save your precious time whenever you are busy. It can produce more milk than a single pump within the same time. Moreover, a double pumping device can extract more milk than a single pump. So, overall, double pump technology is recommended.

Motor strength:
An ideal motor is essential to create standard suction for extracting milk. However, there are a few motors that can work efficiently as per your need. In this case, a mom can be disappointed sometimes. But we would say to check out the motor strength.

Does it have a 2-phase expressing function?
A good quality breast pump comes with a 2-phase expressing system. One of these is an exciting phase, and another is an expression cycle. The stimulation process is a bit lighter and takes a short time to extract milk. But the expression cycle is a little bit slower but efficient to extract more milk.

Correct pump flange size:
The flange size would be different as per the nipple size of different moms. So, you have to consider the nipple size first. And then make sure about a model that has matched your nipple size. Otherwise, the milk extracting process would cause failure.

Pump size and noise level:
Pump size should be chosen as per the user’s commute types and place. If you are used to traveling with your baby, then a portable size would be better. Similarly, a compacted size breast pump is best for office use.

When it comes to the noise level, the lower noise level is expected of all. Especially when you want to use a breast pump at the office, it should be quiet. But the fact is that every breast pump comes with a minimum or maximum noise level. For this reason, you need to find a device that has less noise.


1) What is the best breast pump to get through insurance?

Medela New Pump in Style is the best pump to get through insurance. Besides, the Ameda mya joy lansinoh smart pump and Elvie pump also get insurance.

2) Are spectra or medela better?

Spectra and Medela both have come with individual letdown and expression settings. Both of these models are reliable and efficient to the lactating mom. But there is a great difference between spectra and a medela breast pump.
Mainly, these are different in terms of vacuum and suction. Generally, Spectra models are more customizable, which is why they are more convenient to the user.

3) Does pumping damage breast tissue?

There is no strong system to control the suction of a breast pump. So, excess breast pumping can cause tissue damage. Even a mom can fall into several risks like sore nipples and mastitis.

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Final Words:

At the end of our best medela breast pump reviews, we would say a breast pump is a very essential device for the maternity period. Medela is one of the reliable brands for producing baby products. You can analyze our above-listed products review.

At the same time, it is also good to research the live market to get the best breast pump.

However, we recommend reading an extensive buying guide because it would be best helpful for you. Since a breast pump is related to a mom and baby health

However, we recommend reading an extensive buying guide because it would be best helpful for you. Since a breast pump is related to a mom and baby health

If this guide is helpful to you then share this love with your dearest persons.