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How do you lock a baby walker: Expert’s Guide

The baby walker is a must-have for all the couples planning to have a baby or the new parents out there. It is a play device targeted mainly for toddlers who have not learned to walk independently. 

A walker consists of two to three parts. Based on how many and what sorts of features a walker has, there can be two basic types of walkers- Seated walkers and baby push-along walkers (also known as sit-to-stand walkers).

Now, before buying one for your or your closest relative’s toddler, you need to ensure whether the walker brings the highest amusement along with the utmost safety for the baby. One of the most common questions that roam around the crowd for a walker’s safety issues is how do you lock a baby walker. This content answers it all and more. 

Seated walker:

A seated walker consists of 3 parts (from down to upwards)- a base, a seater, and a toy tray. The base is built of a plastic frame with wheels underneath. These wheels help the baby glide around the spaces the walker is placed when the baby is put on the seater. Another structure that surrounds the seater holds a toy tray on the front. The tray may come with toys of different colors and music to keep the baby entertained while learning to walk. 

But many incidents have been reported where the walker and baby tripped over while moving on an irregular surface. No one expects that type of accidents for their toddlers. That is why you should know how do you lock a baby walker.

A walker makes a kid movable. Thus, they get access to a lot more space than they should all while not having ideas about controlling the speed of the wheels. To prevent that, make sure to buy walkers with wheel lockers underneath the plastic frame. 

These locks are small plastic beams that are situated underneath and fixed parallelly with the frame. Whenever you want to make the walker stationary, pull the beams downwards. That way, the walker will standstill on the beams rather than being mobile on wheels. They can also be pulled back to their place whenever the wheels are needed to run.

Sit to stand walker:

This consists of 2 parts- a bar and a toy board. The baby holds onto the bar as a support to stand and pushes it around while walking. The toy board is attached to the bar on the front. The baby can play with it while sitting as well.

Converting a jumper to walker:

Jumperoo is a play tool for toddlers, which is a combination of swinging and spinning. It is made up of a seater that is surrounded by toys and musical instruments. A sturdy plastic frame creates the base of the seater. Since the baby is kept high from the ground in it, it helps the baby bounce. That explains the name. 

While you can buy a jumper and walker separately for your toddler, some jumpers have been introduced that are multifunctional. They are a baby walker and jumper combined. This combination gives access to more fun and playfulness. 

There are two ways to create a jumperoo that turns into a walker-

  • The frame that the swinging seat is installed on has to have the ability to be extended. That way, when the frame is shrunken inside, the baby can use the jumper as a swing. But when it is extended, the baby can walk back and forth while staying in the seater.
  • Some jumpers have plastic frames as their base (just like a seated walker). These frames can be converted to have structures that hold wheels. That way, the jumper can be used as a walker as well.

Strollers for outdoors:

As much as the indoor amusements through walkers and jumpers are appreciated, a baby will always need outdoor fun. But it can get really tiring for the parents always to carry them around when outside (especially after all the work they already cause inside the house). This is where we understand the supreme necessity of a stroller.

One of the best strollers in the market is currently offered by Easywalker sky. These strollers ensure the baby a smooth ride around the road and keep the parents tireless.

Their strollers have this incredibly unique and extra feature, which is called the easy walker sky board. This board was specially designed for the little siblings who might get tired while walking with their baby brothers or sisters lying comfortably inside the stroller.

Since it is an extra part, you can buy the stroller with or without it, according to the number of children you got. The board does not create any hassle while pushing the stroller whatsoever.

The board is made of aluminum (just like the stroller). There are two handles on two corners of one side of the board and a wheel underneath. It is supposed to be attached to the back axle of the stroller to be useful.

Installment process:

It comes with an adapter that consists of two hooks on each corner. First, you have to fix the adapter on the lower bar of the stroller with the hooks’ help by moving them diagonally. Then clip the hooks tightly with the bar so that the adapter does not fall off. After that, attach the handles with the hook of the adapter. Now, you can put your other child on the board when their little feet hurt while walking.


As child psychologists say, “The first five years of a child’s life shape the rest.” That is when they learn the most, have fun the most. To confirm that we always need to buy pieces of stuff for them as a parent that makes this process easier, both for the children and us.

The first time when a baby hits the toddler phase, the walker and baby are often inseparable. There are times when you have to go off to the washroom keeping the baby unattended. Times when you have to feed the baby without having them put out of the walker.

These are the times when knowing how do you lock a baby walker comes as a lifesaver. Wheel lockers can also provide the walker with versatility by converting it to a jumper.