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how much does a stroller cost? Brand and Seating Capacity wise cost chart

When you’re thinking about buying a baby stroller, the first thing that comes to mind is how much does a stroller cost.

Usually cost of the traditional stroller is $25 to $350, Jogging and terrain stroller is $50 to $550, and high-end strollers price in between $150 to $650.

Sometimes these prices can be more or less for adding various accessories. Stroller with car seat could be $100 to $600 and double price in between $75 to $800.

Brand wise baby stroller cost (Including travel system)

Brand NameAverage cost
Baby Trend$59 To $367
Graco$60 to $500
Evenflo$169 to $409
Summer Infant$49 to $249
Chicco$99 to $841
Baby Jogger$155 to $665
BOB Gear$449 to $779
UPPAbaby$180 to $1349
Joovy$133 to $809
Babyzen$499 to $724

Seating Capacity wise stroller cost

Seating CapacityAverage cost
Single$29 to $680
Double$99.99 to $1885
Triple$479 to $1699
Quad$200 to $720

Baby Weight wise stroller cost

Weight (lbs)Average cost
120 lb & above$233 to $1200
100 to 119 lbs$119 to $800
90 to 99 lbs$169 to $1099
80 to 89 lbs$80 to $699
70 to 79 lbs$82 to $700
60 to 69 lbs$199 to $619
50 to 59 lbs$45 to $999
40 to 49 lbs$49 to $995
30 to 39 lbs$59.99 to $1050
20 to 29 lbs$50 to $1699
Up to 19 lbs$94 to $700

How much does a stroller cost? Related Questions

How important is a stroller?

A baby stroller is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your little one and you can take it anywhere. A baby stroller allows for flexibility in terms of exercising or going on walks. It will help to make a great Bonding Experience with parents.

Why is UPPAbaby stroller so expensive?

As a luxury baby gear brand, UPPAbaby prices are higher than some of the others because they use high-quality materials in their products. They also have an extended warranty and various other features for customers who want extra peace-of-mind when purchasing from them.

Why do people buy expensive strollers?

Expensive strollers are of better quality than cheaper ones, They last longer and provide greater functionality, so it’s no wonder that people who buy more expensive products tend to be happier with their purchase!