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Thinking About How To Block Stairs Without Baby Gate? The best alternatives you should know

Baby starts to crawl and you are feeling worried about falls and slips from stairs? Looking for a solution on how to block stairs without a baby gate as it is costly, old-fashioned, and a bit risky? Today we will broadly discuss it.

As caring parents, people are always concerned about kids’ safety. Besides, it becomes major when kids start crawling. And the riskiest situation that can happen at this time is falling or slipping from stairs. That’s why people think about the baby gate.

However, it’s the ultimate solution but some parents don’t want to go for it as it becomes common and costs a bit more. At the same time, some baby gate brings risk rather than protecting kids. That’s why many parents looking for something new, safe, and budget-friendly.

In this case, we will discuss something attractive, easy to install, extremely safe, and budget-friendly. So, let’s hack it!

“If you don’t want to go for a baby gate to block stairs, a stair barrier can be your best alternative. It is available in a variety of sizes, safe to use, doesn’t need to drill, and stylish to use.”

The Stair Barrier

A stair barrier is a trendy approach in the modern interior home décor that is stylish and economical. Simultaneously, it offers a superior level of protection. It is designed in such a way that greatly meets the essential requirements of baby security.

Besides, it’s not a permanent solution. So, you won’t need a drill machine to drill the wall which makes it easy to install as well. It means you can easily roll it on and when you don’t need it just keep it to the side.

The best part of this stair barrier is you can choose it matching with your home furniture and wall theme as a range of types and styles are available. If you worry about the budget still you have good news. A stair barrier won’t cost more especially compared with a baby gate so it will be a cost-effective investment. Moreover, to use a stair barrier you won’t need any extensions or purchase kits which you save some more bulks.

Another great thing is Stair Barrier is made in a superb combination of upholstery grade fabrics, internal plastic struts, heavy polypropylene webbing, and standard dual-side release buckles. Then these are available in a range of sizes, widths, colors, and designs. So, choosing the most preferred one will be a simple task.

Types of Stair Barrier

The BB Regular Collection: This type of stair barrier comes with an opening of 36″ to 42″ inches. If you need something smallest then this model will perfectly fit your stair. It will match the extremely messy staircase.

The BB Wide Collection: This BB Wide Collection will especially fit with a stair that has an opening from 42″ to 52″ inches. This type of stair barrier is comparatively wide in design and will protect the kids from the desirable diameter staircase area.

The Stair Barrier BW (Banister to Wall): This Stair Barrier BW is mostly suitable for senior needs, and it is specially designed to use outdoor stair barriers. Besides you can use it as a wall-to-wall stair barrier, small pet stair barriers, and collegiate designs. On the other hand, it’s a trendy and excellent approach to home décor that offers the best result with the banisters.

Customization: The best thing about the Stair barriers are it is customizable. So, you can customize it based on your home décor, the family’s name, owner, and pet’s name. Thus, it’s a brand-new form of innovation that will boost beauty. So, you can happily invest in it to make the home more stylish.

Why Stair Barriers are the best alternative?

A stair barrier will provide you with more advantages than a Baby gate considering several aspects. It is seemingly attractive, fits difficult staircases, is extremely easy to install, is portable and lightweight in design, is structurally reinforced, rolls tidily to one side, made from sustainable fabrics, especially from US materials.

Moreover, a Stair Barrier is the ultimate solution that fits the bottom of the stairs more than a baby gate. Thus, the mother will have the safest addition to the beloved toddlers.

No need for drilling

One of the best advantages of using stair barriers is you won’t need to drill the wall to set it. It is as simple as you don’t think that any housewife can say it just by following the instructions in the manual.

On the other hand, using baby gates can give you an instant solution but it will bring lots of headaches after a few years. one the kids will grow up to start walking easily and can able to use the staircase on their own, then the gate will become useless.

So, you will need to remove it by hiring labor. Thus, it will cost your money and time. To prevent these overwhelming situations, stair barriers are the best solution. However, there is also available DIY baby gate no drill to prevent these situations.

Safety comparison: baby gates vs stair barriers

However, a DIY baby gate for stairs is useful considering the safety of kids, but it has plenty of drawbacks. It may cause a stuck of babies’ heads or hands and get injured especially if you use a Fabric baby gate for stairs. Besides, toddlers are quick learners and then can learn to open this DIY fabric baby gate quickly. If they can, the situation can be dangerous.

Considering the trend and style of home décor, DIY stair gates are an old practice than stair barriers. Plus, stair barriers are economically beneficial, safer options, and come in an eye-catching style.


1) What can I use in place of a baby gate?

However, the stair barrier is the best alternative but there are plenty of options you can use instead of baby gates. Some of them are Barn Door, Half Door, Plexi-Glass, PVC pipe gates, pallet gates, sliding gates, fabric baby gates,s, and plywood gates.

2) How to prevent a baby from climbing stairs?

The first and foremost idea is Never to leave a child alone not only around stairs but anywhere. Rather than do that you can offer them ample toys that will keep them busy. If they don’t feel alone or busy on some, they won’t think of climbing stairs.

3) How to keep kids from stairs?

There is plenty of ways following you can protect your kids. Keep the stair always clear. Never put something attractive like toys, shoes, and other things that attract them close to the stairs. Besides, you should use railing guards. In case they come to the stair, it will provide them support to prevent slipping.