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How to Hang a Baby Swing Without a Tree (2023 Guide with Safety measures)

What’s the last time did your baby take a swing? Let’s be honest. Was it in the park or someone else’s baby swing?

As a parent, you know already that Baby Swing is a beautiful entertainment, traditionally seen at the parks, courtyards & even some gardens. As our kids love to hang out in outdoor space & do various activities, a baby swing will be a perfect plaything for them.

Installing a Baby Swing in the front space/backyards will engage our kids in adrenaline-inducing activists & bring great joy for them. Usually, baby swings are hung on tree branches, but what if your residential property doesn’t have any trees?

Read this article to know the proper DIY method of hanging baby swings without tree or tree branches.

When making a baby swing for our kids, a parent must take appropriate safety measures & follow safety standards. Let’s Check out to Find out more!


If you are thinking about how to hang a baby swing outside, hold your horses! You must consider some essential aspects before installing a baby swing on a tree or without a tree.

But first, measure how much weight the baby swing is going to carry (Weight of your Kids) & one other thing is the location of the Baby Swing Installation. Other notable mentions are –

Choose the Right Material

The first & foremost thing about a swing is the material, choosing the right one. The material of a baby swing determines the weight. Cheap quality material obviously couldn’t handle the weight. A swing frame or artificial branch will be perfect for this job. Those materials are strong yet flexible to use.

You will also need some construction pipes or wooden boards with substantial resistance as those materials need to be drilled to a high point of hanging indented point. Keep in mind that those materials should be strong enough to handle all those out.

The 1.8 meters long Artificial branch should be enough for supporting a baby swing.

Safety Features

As there are multiple methods of hanging a baby swing, you have to keep your child’s safety in mind. Swings will be exciting if they are safe & allow our babies to have a good time without worrying about any mishaps or potential accidents.

The first safety measure is the weight factor of a baby swing. Before installing it, consider how much weight the baby swing can carry? Since babies don’t weigh much, you can get a swing frame instead of hanging a baby swing on a tree.

Another option is – to use a baby surveillance monitor to watch over all the time to protect them.

Using an Artificial Branch

Suppose you have a tree outside & thinking about how to hang a baby swing from a tree properly. The most straightforward answer is – to use an artificial branch.

After deciding the material you will stick out, pick a suitable spot for making the swing. Now it comes to the actual process, be vigilant. Please measure the length of the swing first & its distance from the ground. Also, check the reach of the baby swing from the ground.

*Tips: Some required materials are – nails & bolts. Drill the artificial branch at the right height as strongly as possible. Otherwise, it could be dangerous.

Hope you get a glimpse of how to hang a tree swing without a branch using an artificial attachment & with proper safety precautions.

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Our backyards feel incomplete without a tree & if you have babies, then a baby swing. Like most of us, parents are busy on schedule & it becomes a tight schedule to take our kids every day to a park.

Building a baby swing within our home’s vicinity will be the best playground for kids as they wouldn’t feel like going outside to exert their energy.

Building a Wooden Swing

In case you don’t have any trees on your ground, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t build a customer swing there. Purchase a second-hand swing set or make your own swing set with a DIY project so that it provides a safe, chill ride for little ones.

First, figure out the appropriate place to set up your wooden swing. There should be enough space for the swing tire to rise in the air without bumping into any objects or structures.

Check the Bolts & Screws

From metallic anchors to swing chains, appropriate supplies are needed to purchase from local stores to start a DIY project on your own. Use galvanized bolts because it adds stability to the entire structure & makes it last for years without falling apart.

As climates’ humidity changes, it is wise to purchase rust-resistant bolts to minimize the chances of corrosion changes over time. Use standard hardware kit supplies if your wood isn’t pressure treated. Make sure to use washers & nuts to strictly bolster bolts to the correct position so that constant swinging motions don’t affect the bolts.

Baby Swing Setup (Continues…)

Once the swing has been created in the upright position, prepare for hanging the baby swing into the structure.

No matter how much love you have for your little ones, you can’t always keep them in your arms. Also, you can let them sleep easily by installing a baby swing, and they will remain calm. Hanging some toys will keep them engaging in the fun while you aren’t around.

While focusing on decorations & good colored seat pads, you have to remember to make the swing comfortable as possible. While your baby is sleeping, they should feel comfortable in the swing.

*Tips: The fabrics of sitting pads should be washable as infants might make them messy.

*Also, if you are purchasing a baby swing, check if it has different motions like side to side movement or traditional cradle movements or not. Those come in handy.

Preparing the Harness of Rope

Although your kid will not weigh more than a few pounds, still look for a harness with a large diameter so that you can fully ensure the safety factors. To remain in a stable position, tie a proper knot at the installed baby swing seat base.

Test your newly hung baby swing by placing a small object into the seat & notice any irregular motions or jerking movements of the swing.

If everything goes Okay, finally use it correctly for your beloved Baby.


What is the weight limit for baby swings?

Ans – Maximum 30 Lbs. Baby swing weight varies from product to product & each product has a different weight listed. Usually, most of the swings support babies from 25 to 30 lbs easily.

What type of rope is best for a baby swing?

Ans – Polyester Rops are considered best for a baby swing. Among different synthetic ropes, braided polyester one is up for hold-up elements well, providing maximum strength & little stretch.

Are baby swings worth it?

Ans – Yes, Of Course! Baby swings make the babies happy & cheerful. Also, scientifically, swings might be a better way to relieve colic symptoms & helps to keep the acid reflux down.