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How To Install A Baby Gate At Top Of The Stairs Like A Pro

Do you have toddlers in your house who are learning to walk? Do you know how to install baby gates at top of the stairs to make them safe from unwanted injuries? If you set a gate, that will ensure your baby’s safety.

One day a baby was crawling in front of me and suddenly fell off the stairs; he was severely injured. Doctors saved his life, but that head injury made him suffer a lot; so, I would suggest getting a baby gate.

Let’s see why you need baby gates at the top of the stairs, what you will need, and what steps to follow while using the different kits.

Why Do You Need Baby Gates at the Top of Stairs

When your baby grows up, he crawls before he walks; it’s a natural sign of their average growth. Toddlers grow very fast, but they don’t have either the balance like an adult or the intelligence.

As a result, it gets risky for them to crawl at the stairs; especially when they move too fast. They may fall off the stairs and get injured. Sometimes, adults may also be absent-minded or busy with work and face deadly accidents.

You should prevent those unexpected accidents and install a gate at the stair top without delay to keeping your baby safe. Moreover, restrict your pet’s movement for your house’s cleanliness; have a good time with your kid and pet.

What Things Will You Need for Gate Installation

You will need some raw materials for installing your baby gate, you can refer to them as a baby gate installation kit. What things you will need? It will depend on your wall’s shape, length, and distance between the sidewall and stairs.

You will need some primary things for installation; it doesn’t matter what shape your wall is. Those are:

  • Tension mounted gate or Hardware mounted gate.
  • Main gate panel.
  • Wall mount hinge.
  • A gate installing the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Lower wall mount hinge.
  • The hanger and receiver adjust knobs.
  • Wood or metal screws.
  • And finally, couplers.

What Should You Observe Before Gates Installation

It will help if you observe the post side and wall side to avoid uneven length and errors in installing your gate.

  • Cut channels in a particular measurement on both sides of a post side with a jigsaw or blade. If any error occurs after cutting, you need to drill through the wall with the same measurement.
  • You need to observe the wall side too because it prevents any uneven setting. If you can make room, you may drill through the wall side. Otherwise, if you want to avoid drilling, you should cut a curved portion for your setup.

How to Install a Baby Gate at Top of the Stairs: Steps of Installing

Here, I will show you how to install a baby gate to make your stairs safe for your toddler.

  1. Buy gates and other kits suitable for your staircase; you may trust amazon or other local online shops to find the best one. Make sure your manufacturer is providing a complete package of necessary installing items.
  2. Read the manual; your manufacturer has provided you an installation manual for proper direction. Remember, the installation systems vary due to your stair’s variety.
  3. Taking measurements is another crucial step because everything depends on how accurate your size is. Moreover, once you’ve drilled your walls and set up your gate, it’s challenging to change the setting.

If you’re living in a rented apartment, your landowner may charge you for the unnecessary drillings on his walls. So, measure at least 2-3 times before drilling.

  1. Check your stair’s and wall’s level when you place your gate; place the gate at least two inches above your floor/ stairs. Please ensure the gate’s lower surface doesn’t touch the floor, but there is not too much gap between the floor and entrance.

Don’t attach your gate too near to the top stair’s edge. Keep some space so that you can stand and open the gate’s lock.

  1. Determine the door’s direction; ensure that your door goes in one direction. If your door goes in both directions, it becomes risky. Make sure your door rotates toward the floor, not towards the stairs.

If you ensure your door’s direction with your hardware determiner, your baby will be safe, and no one will face accidents.

  1. Find a stud to secure your mounting; they are not expensive at all. You can also borrow a stud or a detector from someone. Attach the stud with your wall like a metal detector.

You should install a stud if you don’t want to drill through your walls, or if your landowner doesn’t permit you.

  1. If you don’t have any problem with wall drilling and a stud, you should go for drywall installation. You will need some screws, a drill machine, an anchor, a hammer, and a screw grip.

You don’t need to buy a separate anchor because your manufacturer will provide you one. The drill depth will depend on your anchor; don’t drill the wall if there are any necessary instruments or wires.

  1. Drill the wall according to your anchor’s length, and then put the anchor on the hole; keep inserting it through a hammer.
  2. In the last step, when you’ve placed your door correctly, attach the remaining screws to their respective places. Use a screwdriver to rotate and tighten each screw; see if there is any screw loose or not.
  3. Lastly, when you’ve completed all the steps, crosscheck everything well; if you want, you may take someone’s help.

So, you see, installing a gate on the stair top is not a challenging task to do. Keep these ten steps of how to install a baby gate at top of the stairs in your mind, have the manual with you, and everything will be easy.

How to Install a Baby Gate on Wooden Stairway

Is your stairway wooden, and are you worried about installing a gate there? Let me show you the three simple steps of installing wood stairway gates:

  • Trimming the wooden surface to attach the gate
  • Mounting the entrance on the trimmed surface, and
  • Complete the gate installation by screwing.

However, it seems very easy to install a gate on wooden stairways; let me give you more detailed instructions:

  1. First, cut two channels on both sides; ensure they are parallel. You can use anything like a blade or jigsaw to cut those channels. Keep the measurement of each channel equal.

For instance, if you’re cutting it with 2×4 height, cut all the channels in the same measurement. Your measures will depend on the room left on your wall and your gate.

  1. Secondly, you will mount the equal-sized newel post, and drilling will be the correct method. It makes sure that the newel posts are entirely into the channels.
  2. Thirdly, your task will be to tighten the post; how would you do that? You will have zip ties to run through a channel and tie around the newel post. You may have to connect multiple zip ties for the length and pull them tight.
  3. You must think of something to protect your wood because drilling and screwing your wood will somehow damage it. Get some webbing ties to protect the wood; tie it loose as the zip ties are already tight, and it’s only a protection layer.
  4. Next, you can add a shelf-liner non-slip layer between the channel and newel post to protect the post’s surface from slipping and damaging.
  5. Drill the wall and stairway to attach the gate’s bottom; take care of the base and the baseboard’s length as well. Keep a space between the gate’s bottom and baseboard.
  6. If you feel there’s not enough room for drilling or the placement will be uneven, you may cut some curves to adjust. If you cut according to the necessity, you can comfortably mount the gate’s bottom.
  7. After you’ve mounted the bottom, attach each side correctly, and then screw into the wall with a screwdriver. You can use another protective layer to protect the wall’s paint from drilling.
  8. When you’ve checked the mounting door, have a look at the locking system. Put a lock that is protective yet easy to open.

Many people don’t prefer wood stairways to install a gate because of the damage. But if you take precautions, you can stop your wood from getting damaged. You can use a silver lining on the wood to protect it from drilling damages.

A Baby Gate for Uneven Walls

Is it always possible to cut and curve your walls and make room for mounting a baby gate? Can you still depend on the machines to fix the problems with mounting on your uneven walls?

The answer will be NO; it’s not always possible to either depend on machines or curving. That’s why many brands have started manufacturing variously shaped and flexible baby gates for uneven walls.

The primary characteristics of those gates are: they have vast space and curved shapes. Some best baby gates for uneven walls are:

  • The North States 3-in-1 Baby Gate.
  • Regalo Super Wide Gates.
  • Munchkin Loft Good looking, Baby Gates.
  • Best Free Standing Gates.
  • QDOS Crystal ( Clear Baby Gates).
  • Evenflo Easy-walk Gates.
  • The North States, the Best Bottom Stair Gate.
  • KidCo Safeway, the Best Hardware Mounted Baby Gate.
  • Munchkin Auto-close Baby Gate (Tension Mounted).

Here you have the top baby gates suitable for uneven walls. They are flexible, easy to mount, easy to open, and lock and have more expansive space.

Each of the listed baby gates is famous for different reasons and suitable for a definite wall type. Go through their features and choose the most eligible baby gate for your stair top.

The Best Baby Gates Manufacturer

Regalo top of stair safety gate is the leading gate to baby proof your stairs. Now you may have a question of what makes them the best brand? They provide every probable necessary for installing instruments and ensure their quality.

They are made of steel and hardware mounted baby gates; you can use it to control your pet’s movement too. You can mount the gate either on the wall or the railing. It has its hinge on the right side, which makes it user-friendly.

You can get it up to 28-29 inches long; that’s a baby gate’s standard size. Moreover, the gate has a supportive edge that a toddler can hold and stand. The gates are available in a 28-40 inches width rate.

You can use the gates on both wide and narrow wall spaces; the adults can also move quickly through the gates.

The Complete Package of Regalo Top of Stair Baby Gate

  • A white Regalo baby gate.
  • An instruction manual for the customer.
  • A Main Gate Panel.
  • Wall mount hinge snap for male and female.
  • Latch assembly for mount wall.
  • Two hinger adjuster knobs.
  • Two receiver adjustment knobs.
  • Eight 2” wood screws.
  • Two couplers for both males and females.

The package contains everything you need to install a baby gate; so, you don’t need to look for anything other than some primary tools.

Some More Tips to Make Your Stair Baby Proof

  1. Get long doors for your toddler if possible so that he can’t reach and open them.
  2. Check your stairs; if it needs any maintenance or not, call someone if you need service.
  3. Another thing you can do is, getting an adjustable baby gate; that ensures your child’s safety.
  4. You can get a railing guard to ensure that your stairs are baby proof.
  5. Get a stable baby door that can protect your child from six months to three years.
  6. The easiest way to keep your baby safe is to keep him downstairs and not let him go near the stairs.

How do you make a homemade baby gate: Detail Guide

To secure the restless angel of your house, you are here to learn how to install baby gates. Don’t worry; we together will put the fence on the path of your heart.

At first, you need to crack the checklist of the required tools.

Tools You Need

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Hammer
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Adhesive

Now you are set to begin the installation process. So let’s start setting up the gate.

Step 1 – Select The Places You Need To Secure

We are pretty sure that you know where you are going to set the gate up.

Place gates at the peak and base of all stairs and between rooms before the baby becomes 180 days old. At the peak of the stairs, you can use hardware-mounted gates.

As you know, where you are going to set it up, we can start our process of installation.

Step 2 – Estimate The Span of The Line-Up

Take the measuring tape and find out the measurement of the space.

Now go back and measure the gate you bought.

If you see that the space of the site of the installment is larger than the gate, don’t panic. Check the box of the gate, and you will find extra kits to increase the width of the gate.

Pull out the manual and adjust extra bars with the main piece until you get the desired width.

Now you are ready to set it up.

Step 3 – Check The Adjustment Site of The Gate

Check the edge of the walls and determine how you are going to attach the frame of the gate with the slide.

Step 4 – Find Out The Attachment Hint and Place The Gate

The most important part of the installation process is this one.

If you bought a regular baby gate, then you may need to make holes on the edge of the walls to set the screws. But if you purchased the “walk-thru baby gate” or “retractable baby gate,” then you do not need to take the pain.

“Walk-thru baby gates” and “retractable baby gate” have circular screwed attachment pads to jam the frame with the edge of the walls.

So you can quickly tighten the patch and fix the frame with the wall.

Step 5 – Check The Firmness of The Gate

Now you should check that our restless angel can break it or not.

So push the frame of the gate and try to dislocate it. If you can not, then it’s time to call off our mission.

Step 6 – Ensure That The Features Are Working

Close the gate and check the indicators are working well. Open it once again and ensure that all the features of the gate are working well.

Tips To Secure Your Baby

By following some security, advice can assist in averting injuries:

  • Place gates at the peak and base of all stairs and between rooms before the baby becomes 180 days old.
  • At the peak of the stairs, you can use hardware-mounted gates.
  • Make sure the gate is always sealed.
  • Do not use pushable baby gates.
  • You may remove baby gates when the baby becomes two years old. At that age, children can open the gates or climb over.
  • If you cannot remove the gates because of any reason, try to use gates without notches or gaps so that children won’t be able to use the notches/gaps for climbing.
  • In events, if you see that there are extra spaces that need to be secured, then look in the box of the baby gate. Some brands provide extension kits with the baby gate to overcome this type of unwanted situations.

How Long Do You Need Baby Gates

There are several types of stair gates to make your baby secure.

  • Hardware-mounted baby gates
  • Pressure-mounted baby gates
  • Walk Thru baby gates
  • Baby gates with a door
  • Step-over gates
  • Freestanding baby gates
  • Retractable baby gates (Popular)
  • Extra-wide baby gates
  • Tall safety gates
  • Baby gates with a cat door

Remove Your Confusions

If you go to buy retractable gates or walk-thru gates to amazon, for sure, you are going to be confused with some terms. Let us clear your confusion.

  • In some places, you will see a category as “walk through gates.” Don’t be confused. All “walk-thru gates” are under the category of “walk through gates.”

Like the previous one, you will find “retractable – A,” “retractable – B.” In reality, both of them are the same. The letters are some company’s code​

Which Type of Baby Gate Is Perfect For You

There are several types of baby gates for stairs in the market, but not all of them are useful. Among all of these items, the “walk-thru baby gate” and “retractable baby gate” are the ideal choice.

According to BabyCenter, the “walk-thru baby gate” is the second-best top stair baby gate, and the “retractable baby gate” is the best one.

Unique features and a flexible installation system is the most attractive criteria of the “walk-thru” & “retractable” baby gate.

Retractable Baby Gates

In a sentence, the retractable baby gate is the simplest solution available in the market. It is the most used top of the stairs baby gate.

Most of the retractable baby gates for the stairs are made of nylon, which is very soft. So there is no chance that the little one will bang on that with its adorable head.

Kids and animals are unable to go through the gate because of its unique design. However, the retractable baby gates for stairs can also be used as the “dog gate for stairs.”


  • One-hand release operation
  • No room for animals to escape
  • Made of nylon/wood/steel
  • Easy to set up
  • Nylon made gates are flammable
  • Not suitable for 5 or 6 years old kids

Walk-Thru Baby Gates

One of the most amazing features of the “walk-thru baby gate” is the indicators (red/green) to show that the gate is open/locked.

Also, the most effortless installation procedure is one of the biggest strengths of the “walk-thru baby gate.” With a lot of benefits, the walk-thru gate has a notable disadvantage.

Notable Disadvantage

If anyhow the little one bangs its adorable head on the surface of the gate, then it’s going to be so bad. Because these types of gates are made of wood/steel. So, you know what’s going to happen after that.


  • One-hand release operation
  • Made of wood/steel
  • Woods are coated with non-flammable materials
  • Indicators (red/green) are attached
  • Easy to set up
  • Animals can escape easily
  • Not suitable for 1 to 3 years old babies

Dog Gate for Stairs

If you are keen to buy the top of the stairs gate for your puppy, then nothing to worry about the height of the gate. But if you have a dog who you may consider that the height of the gate is another essential factor.

Usually, 30 inches to 40 inches gates are available in the market. No one can say that 30 inches gate is not better than the 40 inches or vice versa.

Final Thought

It’s not easy to control your child once he learns to crawl, walk, and run. He can move from one place to another within some moments; so, learn how to install baby gate at top of stairs.

You have eventually found out that the installation procedure is not so challenging; it is also not time-consuming. It will take only 15-30 minutes approximately to finish installing the baby gate; it will take a few more minutes if you’re doing it for the first time.

Each step is equally essential for you to follow; moreover, using each element correctly is necessary. Get the best stairway gate for you and make your home safe for your growing child.