As a pediatric nursing mom, you know first hand how common injuries around the house can be. Even when you are experienced with nursing, you are not 100% aware of all the future incidents your baby is going to face. In an instant, your child may push pass the baby gate and tumbled down ten steps. According to the newly published study conducted by nationwide children’s hospital, these types of incidents are coming more. To use baby gate you should know how to install baby gate.


Despite the voluntary standards and the recalls, we have seen really significant increase in the number of injuries related to gates. – Dr. Lara McKenzi (Nationwide Children’s Hospital)

How To Install Baby Gate: Step By Step Guide


To secure the restless angel of your house, you are here to learn how to install baby gates. Don’t worry; we together will put the fence on the path of your heart.

At first, you need to crack the checklist of the required tools.


Tools You Need

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Hammer
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Adhesive

Now you are set to begin the installation process. So let’s start setting up the gate.



Step 1 – Select The Places You Need To Secure


We are pretty sure that you know where you are going to set the gate up.

Place gates at the peak and base of all stairs and between rooms before the baby becomes 180 days old. At the peak of the stairs, you can use hardware-mounted gates.

As you know, where you are going to set it up, we can start our process of installation.



Step 2 – Estimate The Span of The Line Up


Take the measuring tape and find out the measurement of the space.

Now go back and measure the gate you bought.

If you see that the space of the site of the installment is larger than the gate, don’t panic. Check the box of the gate, and you will find extra kits to increase the width of the gate.

Pull out the manual and adjust extra bars with the main piece until you get the desired width.

Now you are ready to set it up.



Step 3 – Check The Adjustment Site of The Gate


Check the edge of the walls and determine how you are going to attach the frame of the gate with the slide.



Step 4 – Find Out The Attachment Hint and Place The Gate


The most important part of the installation process is this one.

If you bought a regular baby gate, then you may need to make holes on the edge of the walls to set the screws. But if you purchased the “walk-thru baby gate” or “retractable baby gate,” then you do not need to take the pain.

“Walk-thru baby gates” and “retractable baby gate” have circular screwed attachment pads to jam the frame with the edge of the walls.

So you can quickly tighten the patch and fix the frame with the wall.



Step 5 – Check The Firmness of The Gate


Now you should check that our restless angel can break it or not.

So push the frame of the gate and try to dislocate it. If you can not, then it’s time to call off our mission.



Step 6 – Ensure That The Features Are Working


Close the gate and check the indicators are working well. Open it once again and ensure that all the features of the gate are working well.


Tips To Secure Your Baby


By following some security, advice can assist in averting injuries:

  • Place gates at the peak and base of all stairs and between rooms before the baby becomes 180 days old.
  • At the peak of the stairs, you can use hardware-mounted gates.
  • Make sure the gate is always sealed.
  • Do not use pushable baby gates.
  • You may remove baby gates when the baby becomes two years old. At that age, children can open the gates or climb over.
  • If you can not remove the gates because of any reason, try to use gates without notches or gaps so that children won’t be able to use the notches/gaps for climbing.
  • In events, if you see that there are extra spaces that need to be secured, then look in the box of the baby gate. Some brands provide extension kits with the baby gate to overcome this type of unwanted situations.

How Long Do You Need Baby Gates

Generally, baby gates are essential for your six months to 4 years old child. But it’s better if you can use it until your child becomes seven years old.



Types of Baby Gates


There are several types of stair gates to make your baby secure.

  • Hardware-mounted baby gates
  • Pressure-mounted baby gates
  • Walk Thru baby gates
  • Baby gates with a door
  • Step-over gates
  • Freestanding baby gates
  • Retractable baby gates (Popular)
  • Extra-wide baby gates
  • Tall safety gates
  • Baby gates with a cat door


Remove Your Confusions


If you go to buy retractable gates or walk-thru gates to amazon, for sure, you are going to be confused with some terms. Let us clear your confusion.

  • In some places, you will see a category as “walk through gates.” Don’t be confused. All “walk-thru gates” are under the category of “walk through gates.”
  • Like the previous one, you will find “retractable – A,” “retractable – B.” In reality, both of them are the same. The letters are some company’s code.


Which Type of Baby Gate Is Perfect For You?


There are several types of baby gates for stairs in the market, but not all of them are useful. Among all of these items, the “walk-thru baby gate” and “retractable baby gate” are the ideal choice.

According to the BabyCenter, “walk-thru baby gate” is the second-best top stair baby gate, and the “retractable baby gate” is the best one.

Unique features and flexible installation system is the most attractive criteria of the “walk-thru” & “retractable” baby gate.


Retractable Baby Gates


In a sentence, the retractable baby gate is the simplest solution available in the market. It is the most used top of stairs baby gate. I hope now you got your answer how to install baby gate.

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