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How to make a baby carrier out of a blanket? A Detail Guide for young mother

Nowadays, more and more infrastructure is being developed that allows you to actively move around the city with a baby carriage. But still, in the city or a market, there are so many places where you cannot bring a stroller with your baby. This is especially true of frequent shopping trips. In this case, a baby carrier is a perfect aid for a young mother – a device made of fabric for carrying small children. They were widespread in Asian countries – India, China, Japan, and then the fashion for them came to Europe and North America.

If you want to frequently travel and want to keep your baby with you at the same time, you can try to make such a baby carrier out of a blanket with your own hands.

What kind of blanket can I use for crafting?

You should buy qualified blankets. Otherwise, it would not secure properly your baby. The better quality product ensures the correct position of the child, which is especially important when forming the skeleton in the first years of life.

The main requirements for the blanket are that it should be made of natural materials, durable and stretchable. It is better to give preference to blankets made of cotton or linen; chintz and calico are also suitable.

A child’s skin contact with synthetic materials can cause irritation and allergic reactions. It should be remembered that it is better to use such a sling at home and to go out with it only if necessary and in the winter season.

How can I make a baby carrier with my own hands?

A more reliable design of the baby carrier implies the use of rings – here the risk of knotting is completely eliminated. Most often, metal rings are used, but wooden or plastic rings can also be used. In this case, you need to check their strength.

They are sewn to the blanket from one side. Since a significant part of the load will fall on the rings, special attention should be given to the quality of the thread and seams. This causes fewer problems when using the sewing machine. So:

  • As a result, the blank is placed on the shoulder so that the rings hang forward from it.
  • The other end of the carrier extends diagonally towards the thigh from the opposite side of the body.
  • Then it starts up, is inserted into both rings and through the lower one is threaded down again, forming a tight connection.

The rings can be used to adjust the height. A baby in a carrier can be upright and lying on its back. You can use it in this way until your baby reaches the age of three. This baby carrier can be decorated with embroidery with your favorite design so that it looks unique and eye-catchy.

Now you need a ring. If it is not possible to purchase, you can make it by a pipe. Structurally, both options are almost the same, but in the second case, it is sewn for a specific person and does not have the ability to fit. In this case, the opposite ends of the blanket are sewn together. Again, special attention should be focused on the quality of the seams and thread.

Now your baby carrier is ready to wear over the shoulder, and the baby can move with the mother into the awesome pocket. Its position in a small range can be adjusted by turning the fabric on the shoulder. The main disadvantage of this carrier is that it’s not possible to use both parents if they are of different heights and builds.

How to tie a blanket?

For the simplest design, you will need an ordinary one-and-a-half blanket. The double will have to cut so that the width of the blanket is about 90 cm. The cut is placed in the middle on one shoulder, and on the other, its ends are tied together with a strong double knot. Then the resulting ring is turned into a knot on the back, and in front, there is an impromptu pocket for the child.

How long can a baby stay in a sling?

Continuously a baby (2-4 months) can stay in the sling for as long as he can sleep continuously, that is, two hours, maximum (not typical) – three. Two hours is a comfortable period, after which both the child and the mother will want to stretch their muscles.

In addition, a 4-6 months aged baby will try to lie down and move around, an older child (6-8 months) will try to crawl. The older the baby becomes, the longer these intervals of “free wakefulness” between the sling and the sling, nevertheless, up to a year, the child can spend all daytime in the sling and additionally a decent time around them.

Final Touch:

A baby carrier is the most important aid for new mothers or parents. In the above discussion, we understood that the steps should follow to make a baby carrier/sling with a blanket. This kind of handmade carrier is much helpful for indoor or short travel.