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How To Pump Bob Stroller Tire : Better Ways and Expert guide

Many parents do not take care of the stroller wheel whether it is fully air or not. The stroller can not be operated properly without full air filling in the wheel inner tube

If you want to get the highest performance of a stroller then you must have to keep an eye on the wheels. Specially Before going out with a baby stroller, make sure that the air is full in the stroller wheel.

Today we will discuss in detail how to pump bob stroller tires to get the optimum performance and some more discussion about the best pump and best tire in the market.

Require tools to pump a stroller tire

Don’t forget to bring some tools that will make your pumping experience awesome.

How to pump bob stroller tire

The method of pumping is different due to different models of wheels. Below I will describe how to inflate the most popular tires in the present market.

How to pump uneven tire pressure

First of all, remove the wheel from the stroller and open the valve stem cap from the valve stem tire. Follow the instruction (PSI limit) written on the wheel. Some tire PSI capacity is 235- 250 and some wheel capacity is more or less. It depends on the brand and model. 

Now you can start pumping and check is it okay or not. Never try to pump with a gas pump.

How to pump a bumbleride stroller wheel

Some parents face trouble pumping up the stroller bumbleride wheel. Here is a solution for you. Check and make sure that the tire is properly seated with the rim, If not, adjust and re-align. 

Now open the valve stem cap and pump till inflate up to 30 PSI. Standard PSI is 35 but we recommend 25. Be careful about overfill. 

Note: The best way to pump is foot and hand pump to 25-30 PSI.

How to pump up a bugaboo pram tyre

It’s important to know the process of inflating a tube before the pump. At first, unscrew the valve cap. Carefully attach or screw the pumper wheel valve and fill the air as required. If you inflate manually, follow the PSI up to 25-35. But the standard PSI is 30. After filling air don’t forget to screw the valve cap.

Note: Please don’t use a gas pump to inflate the tube.

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Final thought

Finally, I am at the end of the detail explaining how to pump the bob stroller tire. Whether you try to inflate air in your stroller wheel, follow the process for better performance.

In case you don’t have a pump yet or are looking for an excellent quality pump then go through the Incredibly Useful Best Bob Stroller Inner Tube to pick the suitable one for you!