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How To Shade A Baby In A Stroller Like An Expert Mother

Do you find it very difficult to take your baby on a walk with a stroller because of the hot weather? Babies are extremely vulnerable to the exposed sun. The UV rays can cause serious damage to the fragile skin of the baby. A stroller shade extender comes in really handy in these types of situations.

One of the common practices worldwide is taking newborn babies for a walk with a stroller. We all need our Vitamin D from the sun, as well as the baby. The experts advise that we should not take the baby out on extra sunny days. But in this dynamic world, this option sounds rather unrealistic as we have multiple solutions for everything.

So if you are looking for some information about how to shade a baby in a stroller, we do have some tips and tricks for you.

How to Shade a baby in a stroller

A stroller shade extender/cover is the best option to keep your baby protected from the sun. There are many types of sun cover for the Stroller, and each comes with different specifications. The main target of these shades is to protect the baby from extreme sunlight.

To fit the sunshade to a normal two-handled stroller, we need to follow some steps.

  • Place the sunshade on the hood of the Stroller.
  • Fit the side straps of the sunshade with the handles of the Stroller on both sides.
  • Adjust the elastic according to the baby’s comfort.
  • Take the back straps of the shade behind the two handles of the Stroller and the seat and clutch them.
  • Finally, you can move the sunshade forward or backward to the position you desire for your baby.

However, we must consider that we need to ensure proper airflow inside the Stroller. Because the sun is the source of the heat, every human body creates heat from within. So if the Stroller is concealed with a blanket or blocked with a shade, the heat gets trapped inside, which causes overheating.

As a result, the baby in the Stroller faces dehydration, and for the extreme humid atmosphere, it can lead to heatstroke. That’s why we all should be careful about picking our sunshades and how these products are made.

How Can You Put Your baby Comfortably in a Stroller and Protect from the Sun?

Follow these tips to put your baby safely in a stroller besides shading them from the sun:

  • Hold your baby and make him lie or sit in the stroller comfortably; moreover, you should ensure that his head and neck are getting the necessary support.
  • Give him/her the necessary toys or relaxing items, and tie the belt to protect him from falling, but it shouldn’t be too tight.
  • Next, you must concentrate on the shade; place the hood at a distance so that your child can quickly move. Place a suitable shade on the stroller hood; it should be appropriate according to the kid’s height and age.
  • If your baby is a toddler and can hold the handles instead of getting injured, you may connect the shade’s side strap on both sides.
  • You must take care of that you can hold the stroller’s handle along with the back straps; moreover, the elastic is set well.
  • In the final step, you should check if you can move the shade fast or not; you change the position anytime you want with a stroller shade extender.
  • You must remove the shade from the stroller when you want to bring your baby out and hold him back.

These are the easy steps of putting and shading your baby in a stroller if you want to carry him on a journey (walk or car ride).

The best sunshades available in the market

As we all know, the common practice of using a blanket as a sunshade but a blanket comes in different thicknesses and sizes, which may do even worse than doing good. According to the Swedish Researchers, it causes more heat than usual in a stroller when shaded with a cloth or a pram shade.

For the best sun cover for the Stroller, commercial covers turn out to be the best option. As for producing those goods, go through a test like the ability to block UV rays or how much air permeability is there.

The sun cover also needs to be adjustable. According to the daytime and how sunlight is hitting on the Stroller, one can manage the shade and move it easily based on their desires.

We have some recommendations for the best sunshades in the strollers market that ensures safety for the baby from harmful sunlight and good ventilation.

  1. Mockingbird Baby Stroller
  2. Snooze shade Plus Deluxe

The Mockingbird Baby stroller has some innovative features that fulfill the reasons for a good sun cover and the Stroller as this Stroller comes with a free adjustable sunshade.


  1. It has an adjustable sunshade with UPF 50+ fabric. This ensures protection from sunlight and UV rays.
  2. Extra Storage space
  3. It has a full mesh panel for proper airflow on hot days.
  4. A peekaboo window

There are no disadvantages to the Mockingbird product so far. Every customer is really satisfied with its service.

The Snooze Shade Plus deluxe also has some amazing reviews on fulfilling the need of how to shade a baby in a stroller. In addition to that, this product has its reputation of exceeding the safety standards of the US. This Product is also appreciated and approved by the Melanoma International Foundation.


  1. This sunshade has UPF 40+, which ensures over 94% protection from UV rays.
  2. The fabric of great quality and its machine can be cleaned.
  3. A snooze panel for better airflow
  4. Easily adjustable.


  1. Without a hood, this sunshade cannot fit with a stroller.
  2. Low protection on rainy days.

But unfortunately, most of the shade extender tends to block airflow even a little bit. As for our next tips and tricks, we can add a stroller fan along with the sunshade to fulfill the purpose. These fans will ensure airflow.

As a result, it will keep the baby cool in the shade even though it’s blocking some of the heat.

Best stroller fan from Amazon

We need to keep in mind that before buying a stroller fan, we must have to check the product review from amazon. First and foremost, we need to ensure the comfort of the baby. An infant tends to heat up more than an adult human. For this reason, ensuring good airflow is important in the sunshade.

  • For the ideal stroller fan, we need to check the battery power of the fan.
  • How long it can work after charging the Product
  • It needs to be rotatable at a 360-degree angle for easy adjustment both horizontally and vertically for the baby.
  • It needs to be portable.

Some of the recommended stroller fans are- SkyGenius Battery Operated clip-on fan, Anglink clip-on Fan, Opolar Clip Fan, etc.


The main reason of how to shade a baby in a stroller is to ensure the babies’ comfort and safety from the sun. However, if the sunshade causes trouble for the baby, it does not fulfill the reason for a shade extender.

That is why we should prioritize the comfort of a baby over any convenient option. We should keep in mind that babies’ protection and happiness is all that matters.