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How to warm Playtex drop in bottles

What is the first concern parents face while having a newborn? Definitely, how to feed and clothe them. It does not matter if it is the first child or the last; parents always want the best for them.

Some days ago, I saw a mother complaining about how she struggled with breastfeeding her child. Many elderly family members also suggested her to opt for bottle feeding. Being the smart woman she is, she chose the Playtex drop-in bottles as her baby’s first feeder.

Keep an eye on this piece further to figure out more about it and how to warm Playtex drop in bottles.

What is a drop in a bottle?

A drop in the bottle is a bit different from the regular bottle feeder people use for their babies. The explanation lies so much in the name itself.

Playtex has brought the drop-in bottles for the first time in the market, and it has made all the changes ever since. While regular bottles come with a simple bottle and nipple, the Playtex drop-in ones have an inner liner that goes inside the bottle. The liner incorporates with the drop-in part.

In other words, the liner is dropped in the bottle. In regular feeders, milk goes straight to the bottle, whereas in this one, the liner goes inside the bottle first, then the milk in the liner. When you are using a Playtex bottle, you are not filling up the feeder; instead, you fill up the liner.

Are Playtex drop-in bottles good?

Playtex with a drop-in system is very useful for new mothers. It is very easy to clean. Since it does not come into direct contact with the milk, the bottle does not need to be disinfected after each feeding. So without hesitation, the Playtex drop-in system is very effective and secure.

Can Playtex Drop-Ins be used with any bottle?

It cannot be said that one Playtex drop can be used for all bottles. There are some brands in the present market that give facilities to use any kind of Playtex drop in one bottle. However, this type of bottle is more expensive than other bottles. If you want to use only one Playtex drop-in in all bottles, then you must look at the features when buying a bottle.

Assembling a drop in bottle

Although the process is a bit different from regular feeders, it is no hassle. In standard feeders, you are good to go just by putting together the bottle with the nipple. But in the case of Playtex drop-in bottles, it comes with an extra liner that may bug you for a second.

The liner is a conical-shaped plastic yet BPA-free material that has an open end and a closed-end. The closed-end goes inside the end of the bottle, whereas the open end stays at the bottle’s mouth. After dropping it inside the bottle, gently close it up with the nipple, it comes with.

The bottle also has a hinged mouth so that you can bend it according to feeding posture.

Process of warming a drop in bottle

As mentioned above, Playtex drop-in bottles are way different from regular ones. So, the milk warming process will also differ from them without any doubt. People often generate the wrong idea that these bottles are not designed to warm milk in them.

Let me clarify that idea by answering how to warm Playtex drop in bottles:


You can warm up milk in drop-in bottles in two ways:

  • In this way, pour the milk inside the liner first. The milk has to be unheated. After putting the unheated milk inside the liner, please place it in a warm water-filled pot. The milk inside the liner will start to get heated with the warmth of that water.

It is an excellent way of warming up milk for drop-ins. Because in this process, the milk gets heated from every aspect in a balanced way.

  • You can also mix up the formulated milk with warm water. After mixing up both, pour it inside the liner. It is also safe for both the liner and the baby.


You have to maintain some definite cautions if you are thinking of warming milk for Playtex liners. These cautions are necessary to protect the liner and, above all, the baby tongue from extra hot milk. It will also make you understand why you need information about Playtex bottle warmers.

  • Regular feeders go inside microwaves with unheated milk inside. But this is not the mechanism you can follow while warming milk for drop-ins. If you pour milk inside drop in bottle and place it inside the microwave, it will not be heated in a well-balanced way.

In most cases, the drop in does not let heat pass through every corner of the milk. As a result, the milk gets extra warmed in some spots and zero heat in some other. The heated areas are too much for the baby’s tongue that it may give them a burn.

  • A lot of people think it is okay to warm up milk at room temperature. In other words, pour the unheated formula inside the liner at room temperature without any extra heating process. This idea was generated because babies consume breast milk directly from mothers’ breast.

If breast milk can be consumed without preheating, then why not formulas? Well, it is all about immune protection. Breast milk to not need sterilizing since it is already jampacked with antibodies from the mothers’ physiological system. But you are not getting this facility with formulas, hence the idea of heating.

Some incredible advantages of Playtex drop-in

These Playtex baby bottles have brought in some extraordinary changes for both mums and babies around the world. Some even tagged it as a dad-convenient bottle for a reason. Here’s why:

  • On average, newborns have to be fed a minimum of ten times per day. It is a big-time worry to sterilize the plastic bottle every time to protect the baby from an unexpected germ. The drop-ins come with liners that are not only sterilized but also reusable and disposable.
  • The liners are made of BPA free material, so they are environment friendly for all that matter.
  • Since you will not have to change bottles every single feeding time, you will also not have to buy new bottles now and then for the baby. The reusable drop-ins will take care of your purse in this way. These liners are very much budget-friendly that instead of spending a big chunk on new feeders you can now settle with these.
  • One of the best parts about Playtex drop-ins is it is travel-convenient. There are a lot of working mothers out there who have to take a flight regularly. They either have to leave the kid with the father or take them within.

To end the worry in such a matter, parents can now pack bags with more liners than a bunch of bottles. With Playtex bottles in the bag, you can even now enjoy tours without worry with your newborn in the arm.

  • The bottle comes with a hinged head. It assists in changing the direction of the head by bending it according to the babies’ posture.
  • It has an inbuilt ventilation mechanism that solubilizes air with milk inside the liner. That way there will be less bubble in the milk.

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Feeding your baby may not be the most effortless pursuit while raising them. Some babies may go easy with the breastfeeding process, but others may not. Some babies are even born with latching issues that hurt both the mother and the baby with breastfeeding.

In such cases and many more others, parents have to acquire in-depth knowledge about formulas and accumulate them in the babies’ diet. This article’s motto was to make you aware of such and how to warm Playtex drop in bottles.

Hopefully, from this point onwards, parents (both old and new) will have a fantastic experience with feeding their adorable newborns.