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Where to Put Baby Swing? Check Essential Tips Right Now To Keep The Newborns Safe & Sound!

Babyswing look so cute and irresistible that every parent lures to get one for their newborns. In fact, it is an asset for many families as swigs can soothe their babies when nobody else can. However, swings can easily relieve parent’s arms but not their worries as they have to maintain 24/7 supervision closely. At the very beginning, any new parent would wonder, “Where to put the baby swing?”

A parent needs to prioritize many factors such as – temperature, humidity, safety, and accessibility. So, they have to keep the swing in a secured room with optimum temperature and humidity. However, they must ensure that the baby doesn’t suffer from sleep complications or any other issues.

Why Would A Parent Need A Baby Swing For Their Small Ones?

Baby swings can be the most valuable asset for moms when they need to perform household chores, help the elder child, or rest for a bit. If she has to carry the baby all day long, she will obviously become too tired to help other family members. In this case, a baby swing will give her some rest and will rock the little one for the time being. Many parents even feel that their babies are more calm and content when they are riding the swing. According to the researchers, the swing’s motion can easily relax the infant because they have experienced a similar sensory experience inside the womb. Thus, they naturally feel more happy and content. Keep in mind that- a parent needs to pay full attention to the baby, whether he is playing in the swing or sleeping in the bed. Obviously, he(his parents) just can’t let him be on the swing and go away.

Where To Put Baby Swings?

After purchasing the swing, setting it up in a secured space is the first thing that comes to mind. If a couple lives in a small apartment, they should choose a portable baby swing or baby bouncer for convenience. On the contrary, if the house is spacious enough, the swing’s size might not be a concern at all. Parents need to choose a healthy room to reduce the infant’s sleep issues and the possibility of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome). Also, they need to ensure easy accessibility to the swing to reach the baby during emergencies quickly. There must be a night-light or dim light in the room to make access easier at night.

Factors to Consider While Placing the Baby swing:

Every parent faces a hard time while deciding about “Where To Put Baby Swings.” To help parents a bit, we have listed several factors to consider:

A healthy And Secured Space:

A space with proper airflow, temperature, and moisture is essential to prevent the baby from suffering from suffocation and other issues. Infants who get a perfect environment at an early age enjoy a healthier & better life later on.

Keep Swing Away From Electrical Accessories:

To ensure proper safety for the little ones, a parent should place the swing away from electric cords and accessories like electric ovens, electric stoves, irons, etc.

Don’t Place The Swing Near Windows!

A parent must keep the swing and the baby away from blind cords and drapes of the window. They can create deadly accidents and terrible disasters if little toddlers get strangled in the chord.

Avoid Placing The Swing Near Heavy Furniture Or Shelves:

Keeping the swing under heavy furniture can be deadly as it might fall on the baby accidentally.

Proper Accessibility With Light:

Proper lighting conditions, especially at night, are essential so that you can quickly reach the baby at all times.

Let’s go through the table below for a quick recapitulation

Consider Mentioned Factors To Ensure Maximum Safety While Placing A Baby Swing In The Room Store the swing in a room with optimum temperature, and humidity to prevent suffocation.   Keep The swing away from windows, blind cords, and electric accessories. Maintain easy accessibility. Ensure enough light, especially at night. Never place the swing under any heavy furniture.

Check Our Tips Right Away To Ensure Baby’s Safety!

  • A parent or caregiver should be cautious that the baby’s weight should not exceed the swing’s weight limit.
  • The baby swing should not be easily foldable so that it doesn’t tip over.
  • As newborns don’t have head control, it might compromise their airways and cause suffocation. Parents must keep the infants (below four months of age) in an incomplete reclined posture to reduce breathing issues.
  • Bind the baby with shoulder straps to prevent them from falling.
  • If swings have adjustable seats, you can try to recline them at a 50° angle. In this case, using straps is a must.

How Long Can A Newborn Be in A Swing And Why?

A neonatal should not stay in a swing for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. As per AAP, a prolonged ride in a swing can flatten a baby’s head which is called Plagiocephaly. Besides, long rides on rockers, swings, or bouncers will decrease the baby’s standing, sitting, or rolling time. Thus, it will highly affect his strength for regular activity and coordination. Similarly, a newborn should not sleep in cradles as well. A baby needs to lie on a hard surface for a night of quality sleep. However, swings can interrupt sleep by their rapid motion. Swings can even cause SIDS and breathing issues during sleep. That’s why doctors advise using swings only for fun and comfort.

Best Baby Swing In 2021: Check Our Premium Recommendations!

We considered Graco baby swing among multiple brands available in the market as the best baby swing in 2021. Graco Simple Swing: Graco swing is portable equipment to entertain and soothe the babies by the side to side movements. This swing can carry from 5.5 to 30lbs. The manufacturer has provided six different speeds to ensure the smoothest pace for the baby. Parents can easily customize the seat as per babies’ requirements.


When Can You Put A Baby In A Baby Swing?

In the very beginning, every parent wonders, “What age can a child use a swing?” Frankly, there is no age restriction to put a baby on a swing. Whether a baby can ride a swing or not depends on the weight limit of a specific model. Seat adjustability or reclining facilities will also play an essential role in these circumstances. Likewise, there is no age restriction in giving up on swings as well. If your little toddler has already tried to climb up, letting him out of the swing will be a great choice.

Are Swings Ok For Newborns?

“Can a newborn use a swing?” It’s a common question that arises with hundred of confusions. As a simplified statement, yes, baby swings are ok for neonatal. However, a caregiver needs to ensure an absolute reclined position to prevent SIDS or strangulation.

Do Baby Swings Cause Brain Damage?

According to neurologists, intense and repeated motions can significantly damage neurons. So, they highly advise avoiding electric swings because of their rapid back and forth movements. These movements might result in damage to cognitive functions and IQ at a later stage of life.

Final Words:

Baby swings not only offer incredible comfort to babies but also give ease to parents. However, setting it up might get tricky when he is nervous about their first baby. In this article, we have briefly discussed “where to put baby swings” along with some essential tips. So, choose the best space for the baby and keep him safe and sound.