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where to store stroller in house? 11 storage ideas

Where to store stroller in house? It’s difficult when you have limited space. You can store a baby stroller in the corner of your living room or in your basement. In this article, we’ll go over what options are available for storing a stroller in the house. So keep reading.

Where to store stroller in house?

Hang behind the door: A better idea is to hang it behind your door using hooks. You can buy some large durable hooks at any hardware store and then hang the stroller.

Under the stair: If you don’t want to take the stroller to your living or dining room, You can utilize free space under the stairs for storing a baby stroller. However, it’s a great space.

Home garage: If you have a garage in your home and have enough space, you can make metal hooks and hang the baby stroller with a wall.

In the Wardrobe: You can put a stroller in the Wardrobe. To storing a baby stroller in a wardrobe you have to have a foldable stroller.

Hang with a basement: Keeping a stroller in the basement is an excellent idea. Not only are you able to make use of all that space below grade, but it’s also perfect for storing other items too!

Store in utility Room: If you have extra room in your houses like a utility or laundry room, you can use to store stroller or important things.

Build a custom shed: If you have the creativity and skills to DYI a custom shed, then why not build one for storing strollers? It’s an excellent use of space.

Baby Room: A baby room can be a great option for storing a baby stroller.

In a small sunroom: A small sunroom is an excellent space to passing an ideal time. you can keep or store unused things there for a long time.

Under the Bed: If your bed does not have drawers, you can use this free space for storing the foldable stroller under the bed.

Balcony: You can use your balcony to store the stroller so you don’t have a messy yard and keep it clean! Just make sure that when storing, everything is covered from dust bunnies.